Hey, where’s all the old content?

Heh, funny story….

Through a weird conflux of events, the old content has been “lost.”

This is partly to blame on my former hosting provider (who shall remain nameless, unless you see me in person and buy me a beer or two) for not keeping track of my PROPER email contact information, even though I told them a couple dozen times they had the wrong email address.

It’s also partly my fault for lacking the omniscient skills required to know they were sending emails of a “Please contact us NOW or we’re going to nuke all your data.” to an email address that as far as I know doesn’t even exist.

So, it looks like things are gonna be starting over here on Bender’s Blog. And that’s fine. Every so often you have to clean out the old crap and start new. Some of the old content is still cached on Google and all the stuff I did for my previous employer (the one with the Ninja) still seems to be up on their site. If you come across any of this stuff and have questions or comments please feel free to let me know.