How Fast is Your Application, Really?

We all like to think our code is fast. We tune and tinker with our code until we’re sure we’ve optimized it to the point of perfection. We review each algorithm and line of code until we’re sure we’ve squeezed every bit of performance out of each method.

But, there are more things that can kill your performance than how well your code it written. Software applications can be large complex entities. Things happening in far-flung corners of your application can be degrading your performance without you even knowing. So how do we ensure that the application we’re delivering is living up to its performance potential?

The answer is by performing performance profiling. In the past this concept has inspired everything from sheer terror to groans of boredom. Not anymore. With tools like dotTrace from Jet Brains, you no longer need an advanced knowledge of arcane theory. Tools like dotTrace will help you make sense of your applications performance, help you quickly find and correct bottlenecks and enable you to track your applications performance over time. So stop living in the dark and shed some light on your applications performance and be sure you’re delivering the fastest application possible!

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